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BiACE (Business Intelligent Air-Condition Expert) is providing energy-efficiency solutions by integrating air-conditioning expertise and AIoT for commercial buildings, hospitality, governmental organizations, hospitals and etc.

In 2018, more than 100 customers installed our patented services and resulted in saving up to 30% electricity respectively. The BiACE service won the first place in the New Taipei Energy-Saving 888 Project, and entered governmental QVL (Qualified Vendor List) as the single source supplier for electricity-saving.  

In 2019, Smart City Summit & Expo granted BiACE the featured energy-efficiency solutions company.

Integrate the BiACE service – your path to effective solution of saving money, energy and our planet. 

The “BiACE Smart Electricity-saving Service” is a patented end-to-end solution designed for chillers. It collects real-time data via sensors, wirelessly transmits to cloud to get the parameters, then optimizes the chiller output to save electricity.

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Service Benefits

Cut the waste and generate savings.

Remote monitor through App.

Power usage report for evaluation.

Usage analysis and suggestions.


cooling water sensors

compressor current sensor

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